Free glucose monitors and equipment

Free glucose monitors

Free glucose monitors

For many people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, may not be able to afford the equipment associated with diabetes so there is hope – free glucose monitors. Free glucose monitors, free glucose test strips and free diabetic supplies don’t go unnoticed to the people who need it the most.

For a lot of people in this horrible, low economy that we are in the paychecks doesn’t change, but the bills still come in and often times go up. Being a diabetic definitely puts a damper on things because there are so many extra costs associated with the disease. Diabetics have various medications, glucose test strips, glucose monitors and much more, but often times people find themselves choosing between their healths and putting food on the table.

There is hope; just like hospice is there for cancer patients and people with terminal diseases, there are associations that are in place to help people who can’t otherwise afford glucose monitors and diabetic supplies.

These associations will loan out or give out free glucose monitors, free glucose test strips and free diabetic supplies because they know the importance of trying to stay healthy and safe.

For many of these companies they get this equipment because other people have donated their equipment maybe after someone they know has passed or through donations.

Free glucose monitors and free glucose test strips are in top demand because to a diabetic being able to keep an eye and monitor their daily fasting blood glucose is often times the meaning of life and death.

By being able to get a free glucose monitor, a diabetic can keep their own journal or log without having to go into the doctor’s often frequently and they will be allowed a chance to have some form of independence. A free glucose monitor or free diabetic supplies too many is like opening a new present at Christmas time! It is a blessing.

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  • Ester Arreola

    I need amonitor n strips for my husband, I am only one working n can not afford meter or stips, barely make end met. 8091 18th street, Westminster, CA 92683

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