What is considered a low blood sugar count?


low blood sugar count

low blood sugar count

What is considered a low blood sugar count? For diabetes a low blood sugar level is dangerous (it is for normal people t). This is because of the side effects that come with it. Hyperglycemia, mostly known as diabetes, is where the pancreas fails to produce the amounts of insulin that the body needs. Insulin is need by the body to bind with the sugar cells in the blood stream to make the sugar fuel for the cells.

Without enough insulin the blood sugar levels head for the ceiling and once they reach a certain level they begin to cause damage. At this point the damage done includes heart damage, nerve damage, eye damage, and kidney damage.

Hypoglycemia on the other hand is where the body either has produced to much insulin or too much has been injected. When to much insulin is in the blood stream the glucose is all consumed quickly. This means that there will be a spike in energy and suddenly a drop.

The side effects of to low blood sugar are confusion, impaired vision, fatigue, irritability, seizures, mood changes, and fainting. This makes hypoglycemia very dangerous and a condition that should be dealt with almost immediately. So what is considered a low blood sugar level?

A low blood sugar level depends on the person, but for the average person a low blood sugar level is around 60 mg/ dl. Below this level and you begin to suffer symptoms. For diabetics the level is 70 mg/dl and they suffer the symptoms.

This can be kept from happing if you use a simple blood glucose meter to monitor your blood sugar levels. You can also talk to your doctor about avoiding a low blood sugar count and its dangers.

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