What is a Non Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor?

A non invasive blood glucose monitor is by definition a device which can determine the level of glucose in the blood without breaking the surface of the skin.Non Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

A truly non invasive blood glucose monitor would be a godsend for those who must suffer from multiple tiny punctures each day just to gain a drop of blood to be checked for the blood glucose level. The non invasive monitor would be painless and bloodless due to the simple fact that the blood glucose level can be checked without actually obtaining a drop of blood from which to read the glucose level.

This may sound like a pipe dream, or just another medical catch phrase like non invasive cholesterol monitor, or non invasive medication administration, but the truth is there is an enormous push to develop non invasive technology in many different areas of medicine. It is just common sense that any time a conventional blood sample is taken it must create a wound, and a wound is never a good thing as it damages the skin and opens a route for potential infection.

The glucowatch is an example of the modern non invasive blood glucose monitor. The glucowatch is a small device which is worn like a wristwatch. By using tiny painless electric shocks the glucowatch draws a sample of interstitial fluid through the pores; this is then read by the device in order to determine the blood glucose level.

The technology associated with the non invasive blood glucose monitor hasn’t quite progressed to the point that the old style blood sample glucometers can go the way of the dinosaur, but the technology makes it possible for a person to have their blood sugar checked as often as every 20 minutes for up to 12 hours at a time without a single drop of blood being drawn. When this is used in conjunction with blood sample glucose readings it makes the tracking and trending of blood glucose levels throughout the day possible and easy. With non invasive glucose monitor technology it is now possible to keep track of blood sugar long term and makes adjustments to diet and medication accordingly

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  • Diane Fittro

    I want to purchase a non invasive monitoring system for my husband. Can you please send me the info?

  • admin


    You can buy them cheaper at “American Diabetic Supply” or search for them on the internet.
    Visit us more often for more updates.

    Thank you!

  • behdad

    please tell us where and how we can buy non invasive glucose monitor

  • Edna M Winans

    How do I purchase a non-invasive glucose monitor? I am a guardian for a learning impaired woman who wastes test strips every day because she doesn’t have the dexterity to use the lancets and test strips.

  • margaret venable

    I would like to know the information and the cost of a non invasive blood glucose monitor and cost .

  • Grace

    Hi Margaret,

    That’s a good question – so many people are wondering the same thing.
    Apparently there is a device (if you have a look at the following site, you will see for yourself) http://www.algemeiner.com/2013/09/09/israeli-develped-no-blood-glucose-monitor-for-diabetes-measures-color-of-skin/

    It hasn’t yet got approval to be sold in U.S
    I have been trying to contact this company with no response as yet.

    Check back here occassionally if you want, for any developements.