What are Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics?

normal blood sugar levels for diabetics

normal blood sugar levels for diabetics

What are normal blood sugar levels for diabetics? Diabetics must know what is considered normal for them. Keeping a normal blood sugar is the only way for them to live. Diabetes is a very serious condition in which the pancreas slows, or less commonly, stops in production of absolutely vital hormone called insulin. Insulin is responsible for all of the energy that your body has. It is needed to make fuel for the body. Without the insulin to bind to the sugar in the blood it cannot be absorbed by the cells in the body. So when the insulin levels are to low the blood sugar levels must rise. When they reach certain levels they begin to damage the body. The damage that usually associated with high amounts of blood glucose is kidney damage, heart damage, eye damage, and nerve damage. This damage can kill the diabetic overtime. So making sure you know a normal blood sugar for diabetics is needed.

So what is normal blood sugar for diabetics? For normal people their blood sugar levels should be anywhere between 60.8 to 120.4 mg/dl. For diabetics these levels can be anywhere from 80 mg/dl to levels of a dangerous 200 mg/dl. So how do you keep your body from reaching over 140 mg/dl (the level that causes damage). Diet, glucose monitoring, and exercise are some of the best ways to control your blood sugar levels. The first thing is to talk to your doctor, on everything. Diets should consist of little no sugar (no candy or fruit) and should be talked about with your doctor. Glucose monitoring should also be discussed with your doctor as it allows you to check at any time. Exercise allows you to control your blood sugar by stimulating insulin production. So talk to your doctor about getting a normal blood sugar for diabetics.

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