Causes of high blood sugar

causes of high blood sugar
causes of high blood sugar

Often times we wonder what causes of high blood sugar are but in all do fact there are many different things and factors that can contribute to causes of high blood sugar such as lots of carbohydrates.

High doses of carbohydrates can raise a persons blood sugar rapidly. Diabetics have to be extremely careful when eating too many carbohydrates because by eating too many carbohydrates a diabetic can have uncontrollably high amounts of blood glucose which can lead to detrimental medical conditions. White bread, white rice are just a few carbohydrates that diabetics should stay away from.

When it comes to breakfast foods such as biscuits, croissants, doughnuts and instant oatmeal to name a few all of these have high amounts of carbohydrates and can be causes of high blood sugar. High sugary foods need to be well balanced with high protein foods like meat so that they body can stay healthy and well maintained.

When it comes to snacks even some snacks have large amounts of carbohydrates in them and can lead to high amounts of blood sugar. Some snacks such as pretzels, popcorns, soft drinks and chips should only be eaten in moderation due to high amounts of sugar.

For all diabetics it is not hard to eat well and stay healthy so that your blood glucose can be in control and everything can be well maintained and properly balanced out within your body so that it all works well together. By reading labels, comparing sugars and carbohydrates on labels you can control some of the causes of high blood sugar. It doesn’t take long to read labels and compare apples to apples so that you can keep your body healthy and everything working smoothly so that you can live a long healthy productive life!

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